Difficult Japanese Words

Look at that! I found something to post about already. Yay!

I found this post from Japan Today through a polyglot group on Facebook (where I find most of my interesting language related stuff). I haven't played the video, yet, but I figured this would be a good thing to listen to for Japanese learners like myself, though I surprisingly don't have much of a problem in pronunciation with Japanese. Mine are with Arabic and Hindi. Anyway enjoy!

Sorry, again.

I'm so sorry for not updating in so long, but I've been really messed up for the past several months. Nothing substance related, I was just always distracted, could never focus on anything for more than a minute, and getting sick more often than usual.

For the most part I am better, but I haven't gotten back into language stuff because I was halfway through NaNoWriMo when I fixed most of it and working on a novel at the time. I'm trying to get to Duolingo again, though, so hopefully I can find some interesting things to share soon.

Happy Holidays!