About Me

I am a complete language nerd. I was inspired to start this blog when a friend of mine called me 'the language goddess' on facebook for figuring out an Arabic name (thought it was a word at first but couldn't find it). Although it is far from true, it gave me some confidence. Both the name and url came from her and I thank Abi very much for it.

It's probably pretty obvious, but my native language is English. I live in the US, but desperately want to travel. If you ever hear me talk, I usually use a Southern US dialect with a mix of accents. I was born in the South, our parents were born in the South, both of my brothers were (will be-one is still in the womb) born in the South. We are a Marine Corps family and grew up travelling the US going to North Carolina, California, Illinois, Virginia and back to North Carolina, so my brother's and my accents have mixed. But when I write, I spell like every English speaking country outside the US. Colour, behaviour, tonne, programme. Most I have done all my life, others I learned from textbooks from Singapore. ;)

I have been studying Latin, Japanese, Italian, Gaelic, French and Arabic for about 6 years, 5 or 6 years, 3 years, 2 years, almost a year and less than a year, respectively. I know more words in Latin and Japanese, have a hard time pronouncing French and Arabic, learned kana in 6 hours and am having trouble with abjad.

I don't speak any of them well-I'm much better at reading and writing, especially Japanese and Latin. I can hold a semi-descent conversation on-line in both.

I've dabbled in quite a few other languages as well including: Inca, Mayan, Aymara, Spanish, Irish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Icelandic, Swedish, Gothic, Dutch, Afrikaans, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Pashto, Egyptian Arabic, Hungarian, Russian, Korean, Okinawan, Ainu, Mandarin, Indonesian and Hindi. I don't speak much in any of them. Some I only looked into for the scripts. I love scripts. I've made one up myself. I've also dabbled in a few constructed languages including well-known ones such as Tolkien's Elvish and Esperanto and ones only known in the Constructed Languages Guild of Gaia Online.

I would like to be fluent in at least Japanese, Latin, Gaelic, Ancient and Middle Eastern languages. I'd also like to finish at least one of my conlangs. The one I started and have gotten the furthest with was originally based off of Japanese, but started sounding more Arabic in pronunciation. Now, I'm thinking it'll be heavily influenced by Arabic.